Get Ready to Game with MSI’s VIGOR GK41 Series Keyboards

msi vigor gk41 keyboards

MSI seems to be on the roll with the release of their new gaming hardware and accessories. The brand has recently released their brand-new gaming keyboards – the VIGOR GK41 Series.

The two new gaming keyboards, VIGOR GK41 and VIGOR GK41 DUSK, are designed to offer elevated gaming experience with next-level precision to meet the diverse needs of the beginner and advanced gaming enthusiasts.

If you are considering making a purchase in the future, let us walk you through the specifications and highlights of these keyboards.


The first in the line-up is the VIGOR GK41, which offers responsive gameplay with the perfect keystroke experience. Paired with the Kailh Linear Red switches, the keyboard doesn’t fall short on the aesthetic part too.

msi vigor gk41

For the gamers that prioritize the bright and vivid color with the color LEDs, the keyboard has 6 fixed options integrated in 10 different lighting zones, making the gameplay experience a whole new one. It creates a visually immersive gameplay experience for the gamers.

How does this stand out in terms of customization?

Besides the physical aspects of this keyboard, the VIGOR GK41 also doesn’t fall short in terms of the customization features.

Since the keyboard supports the MSI Center software, it isn’t surprising that the adjustable macro key settings and lightning effects add to the whole gaming experience.

Furthermore, the combination keys are adjustable with different lighting effects, further adding to the benefits.

For the gamers that prioritize comfort, the adjustable stand of this keyboard can be adjusted in three different angles for the ultimate comfort.

Lastly, it is integrated with 100% anti-ghosting keys, which add to the advanced gameplay in an affordable price.


The VIGOR GK41 DUSK is termed as the advanced version of “VIGOR GK41”. So, its safe to assume that its designed for the advanced gamers that want to take their gaming environment to the next level with premium features and profound aesthetics.

msi vigor gk41 dusk

Like the VIGOR GK41, even the DUSK version features Kailh Linear Red switches with per-key RGB lighting and RGB light bars along the side, further adding to the look.

What sets this apart from VIGOR GK41?

Given that the majority of the features of VIGOR GK41 and VIGOR GK41 DUSK are same, the users are curious to know what sets them apart.

It is the latter’s unique design with the black, gray and red keycaps that make all the difference. It also comes with an additional set, which allows the users to switch things up to match their gaming aesthetics.

Besides that, the other specifications and built configuration is pretty much the same like the base version.

Where to buy the VIGOR GK41 Series Keyboards?

The VIGOR GK41 Series Keyboards have only been released at this point and there are no confirmed details related to the pricing and availability, which means we’d have to wait for further details. We will keep you informed as things are updated in the future.

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