Fusion5 FWIN232+ (2018) Tablet Review

Fusion5 FWIN232+ is another blooming tablet in the cheap budget market. Fusion5 has always given its best to the users, and this time you will be excited to know the innovations made in the newly launched tablet. As well all know this company has been innovative since years and typically try their level best to give better to their customers. Not better, but beyond expectations! However, even this time you will be surprised to know about the great features that have been compressed in this tablet that too at affordable rates.

Gadget lovers will inevitably leave their current devices and run to grab Fusion5 FWIN232+ because it is worth buying!

Without flaunting more, let’s dive into its features:

Ultra stylish device

The device is very sleek like you are holding a small book in your hand, but with the beautiful cover. The body shines when you are out and allow you to flaunt in your friends or your office. However, the screen size average, just 10 inches with a resolution of 1280*800 that gives you perfect viewing experience. You will love to watch your favorite shows on this tablet rather than watching on TV.

Design and Display of Fusion5 FWIN232+

Once you purchase this device, you will actually understand its worth, and you will admire my words when you will watch your favorite shows. More so, the tablet is very lightweight just 1.52lbs that makes it very handy and comfortable to carry, and with round edges, it gives you a perfect grip. The surface area of the screen is so seamless that you will keep touching the screen making your activities more enjoyable with a sensitive touch.

Remarkable processor and storage

The processor and storage of this budgetary tablet is exceptional. You will be surprised to know that it gives you 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, which is extendable. More so, it is equipped with upgraded Intel Quadcore AtomTM x5-z8350 that enhances the overall efficiency of the tablet. If you are a gaming person, this tablet can be your true partner to stay with you all the time, and if you are an office person, you store all your data seamlessly without hampering your daily productivity. Even the GPU processor is highly admirable; it is Intel HD Graphic (GEN 7) making your every task on this tablet seamless and enjoyable.

Furthermore, the device has dual camera keeping you connected with all your friends via Skype or other social channels. It has 2MP front and 5MP rear camera allowing you to capture every moment with great enthusiasm and lock your memories forever. It comes with fundamental connectivity choice, which is Bluetooth and USB 0.3. But one more interesting fact about this tablet PC is, it is pre-installed with Windows 10 that makes user-interface quite friendly as it runs on Android. So even if you are the first-time user, this device will not consume much of your time.

Battery and sensor

The battery is quite impressive of Fusion5 FWIN232+ as per the budget, but if you are more of a gadget person, then you might be hurt with this aspect only. However, the battery performance is not that too poor, but I would recommend you to carry your power bank if you are on the go person. It will make your more seamless without worrying about battery drainage of the tablet. And this budgeted tablet also includes G-sensor, which makes it unique!

More so, Fusion5 offers a great deal to the users by providing them 1year manufacturing warranty in the US. Isn’t it great? I mean people who have the misconception that product will not work better as it is cheap, and then this offering by Fusion5 give a reason to trust the brand as you newly and budgeted products won’t provide such an offer. All this clearly defines that the product is worth the money!


Fusion5 is an excellent firm delivering best products since 2010. The users trust this brand for its great processor and budgetary value. Even the people who think they cannot afford to buy the tablet will be surprised to know that Fusion5 has launched tablets, which were once in the list of out-budget of many individuals. The firm mainly targets youngsters who can buy this tablet from their pocket money as well- it’s that cheap!

Today, if anyone wants to anything they prefer asking Google rather than their elders or family members. So I would suggest you that quickly go through reviews if you don’t trust my words or things are just unbelievable for you. You will find maximum people feeling about the tablet and how much it worth the price. And one of the better things you can do is, purchase it and feel the change. Don’t wait a single minute, order it now and grab all the fun!

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