FIIO Expands Its Audio Accessories Range with Magnetic Headphones FT5 and Dynamic IEMs JD1

Fiio unveils FT5 and JD1

When it comes to wireless communication technologies and audio accessories, FIIO is a brand that doesn’t require any introduction. The brand has been around for a long time, offering users access to high-quality products and user experience.

Recently, the brand has expanded their product line-up with the addition of Magnetic Headphones FT5 and Dynamic IEMs JD1, enabling users to make the most out of their experience listening to music, podcasts or even answering calls as needed.

If you are considering adding a new pair of headphones or IEMs to your collection, we have all the details lined up for you.

Magnetic Headphones – FT5

The FT5 headphones are the very first open planar magnetic headphones launched by FIIO with high sensitivity and optimal audio output.

Fiio FT5

Build, design and technology

Like we mentioned, the FT5 is FIIO’s first planar magnetic headphones where the magnetic drivers are installed between the dynamic and electrostatic headphones.

Integrated and processed with a 28nm chip-scale and 6μm thick diaphragm, the planar driver creates a highly unique, advanced and detailed headphone.

When it comes to the magnetic driver, it is a 90mm planar magnetic driver, which efficiently transforms the sound energy to sound waves for a comfortable listening experience, with minimal distortions and disturbances.

Aluminum-silver alloy coils

The research and development team at FIIO are dedicated to bringing the best on the table, so it isn’t surprising that finalizing the use of aluminum-silver alloy coils took some time.

When designing the headphone, the priority was to focus on the density and conductivity of the coils, which is why the lighter aluminum-silver coils were finalized. Not only did the silver drive conductivity, it also integrated higher frequency detail for the optimal audio output.

Sensitive performance with high power

FT5 has been designed to support high sensitivity of 110dB/1Vrms@1kHz i.e. 96dB/mW@1kHz, making it perfect for the optimal audio listening experience, even when you are on the go.

What has further optimized the performance of the FT5 headphone is a 1.5m cable made of 392 wires of silver-plated monocrystalline copper. This translates to solid and highly-detailed sound without any transmission loss in the process.

Also, the suede earpads add to the luxurious feel of the headphone, making things light and comfortable when you wear them.

Dynamic IEMs – JD1

Musician or sound engineer, in-ear monitors or IEMs are an integral part of that profession and FIIO has recently launched their dynamic IEMs, the JD1. With asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits, these are designed in collaboration with Jade Audio for the ultimate sound quality at reasonable price point.

Fiio JD1

Revolutionizing audio quality

FIIO is known for their innovative, affordable and unique audio solutions and the new JD1 happen to be one of them. They are not only a breath of fresh air, the snug fit and comfortable design paired with crisp sound quality makes it a worthy investment for every music professional.

Not just for musicians, the product has been designed with a diverse audience in mind, which includes sound engineers, gamers, editors and regular users that want to indulge in some immersive listening experience.

The product is designed to render high fidelity audio for a highly detailed and low distortion sound listening experience.

Design and modern aesthetics

Not just the sound quality, FIIO has not compromised on the design and the hardware aspects of the in-ears too.

These entry-level IEMs feature a 10mm LCP dynamic driver, which makes it lightweight yet durable, translating into rich and powerful bass. Also, the integration of asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits contributes to a richer and more robust audio output.

One common issue with IEMs is the discomfort it caused, which is why the JD1 is designed with front-rear cavity balanced pressure relief for a more comfortable listening experience. The sound nozzle is made using aluminum alloy, which assures reduced vibration for high-quality sound as well.

Weighing in at 7 g per unit, wearing the JD1 doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything in the ear. Pair that with the triangular ergonomic shape and you can wear them over an extended period without complications.

At present, the JD1 from FIIO is available in two color variants – Obsidian black and Transparent colors.

Pricing and Availability

Both the FT5 and JD1 are available for purchase at the AliExpress Official Store. The FT5 is available at a price of $449.99 while JD1 is available for $9.99.

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