DJI’s Launches Mic 2

DJI Launches Mic 2

After making a brief debut with the Osmo Pocket 3 camera, DJI’s Mic 2 wireless microphone system has finally arrived, with some welcome improvements over its predecessor. It can now connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth while providing increased internal recording quality, AI noise reduction, a larger touchscreen, and simpler control.

DJI Mic 2 delivers a significant advance in audio recording technology. The company has combined high-quality recording features, user-friendly designs, and notable reliability to provide content producers with the tools they must capture exceptional audio, no matter where their imagination leads them.

More Features in Pocket-Size

At the heart of DJI Mic 2 is the promise of capturing brilliance in various sounds. It has omnidirectional recording capabilities meticulously optimized for vocal quality, ensuring that users’ audio output shines in various circumstances.

DJI Mic 2

Whether video makers create compelling vlogs, conduct insightful interviews, or film in various settings, DJI Mic 2 ensures high-quality audio. The transmitters come in Shadow Black with a new see-through design, and DJI has also offered a white color (Pearl White) option.

They’re slightly smaller than their predecessors but retain the clip, magnetic mount, and 3.5mm mic input. The power and link buttons are now on the same side, circular rather than elliptical, with the record button and USB-C input on the other side.

DJI made a good addition by moving the power-on LED to the sides rather than in the front, which was previously annoyingly visible on camera. The DJI logo, however, is front and center, so you’ll still need a piece of black tape to conceal it.

The receiver has undergone significant changes, including a bigger 1.1-inch display and a redesigned thumbwheel for simpler settings. DJI has also simplified attaching the transmitter straight to your phone with USB-C and Lightning adapters.

DJI Mic 2 also has intelligent noise-canceling technology, a game changer for content makers working in busy metropolitan locations or packed spaces. DJI Mic 2 has the Safety Track function to provide further audio protection to the user. It enables content makers to record a second track at -6dB alongside the original audio track, preventing unexpected audio level spikes.

Seamless and Intuitive Experience

DJI Mic 2 is not only technologically advanced but also user-friendly. Its sleek and smart look is enhanced by a quality metal charging case that has a minimalistic appearance and includes a newly added locking latch, which gives a safe and trustworthy solution to avoid accidental drops, providing peace of mind while in use.

It now supports up to 18 hours of use on a single charge, up from 15 previously, and the transmitters have been enhanced from 5.5 to six hours. When it comes to range and battery life, the DJI Mic 2 excels.

It has an outstanding maximum audio transmission range of around 250 meters (820 feet) in open, unobstructed, interference-free conditions. The most notable new feature is direct Bluetooth connection capability, which lets you attach a transmitter mic to your phone.

Although the original DJI Mic permitted internal recording as a backup to camera files, it now does so at a better 32-bit float quality, allowing you to maximize gain without concern of distortion. It also offers a larger acoustic overload point (AOP), up to 120 dB from 114 dB, resulting in less distortion at higher audio volumes.

It is currently available for $349, which includes two transmitters, a receiver, and a charging case, or $219 for a transmitter and receiver and $99 for individual transmitters. You can also buy the charging case separately for $69.

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