DJI Launches the Osmo Pocket 3 for Moving Objects

DJI Launches Osmo Pocket 3

DJI built the Osmo Pocket, a small vlogging cam, 5 years ago by combining its super-stable drone cameras with a screen size of a postage stamp. It was cool, and its successor made a few major improvements. However, the new Osmo Pocket 3, revealed yesterday, features more than just a few. It’s a slew of sophisticated features that make Pocket 3 ready for anything.

What’s New?

While the new edition now starts at $519 (up from $349), it has a much larger sensor and touchscreen, greater battery life, built-in wireless, and an integrated joystick with a nifty rotating screen that clicks into portrait or landscape while seamlessly changing the aspect ratio of your video.

The Osmo Pocket 3 can capture slow-motion 4K footage at up to 120 frames per second, a significant advance over its predecessor’s 4K/60p capability. That means you can now shoot in 4K/120fps to record moments in dynamic, astonishingly smooth detail and enhance every spectacular moment in slow motion.

But it is not the only upgrade in the DJI Osmo Pocket 3.

Fine-tuned exposure for different skin tones and 10-bit D-Log M and 10-bit HLG color modes are also included. Pocket 3’s night photos bring low-light situations to life with clarity thanks to image optimization upgrades.

DJI Osmo Pocket 3

In terms of still photography, the Osmo Pocket 3 captures photographs at 9.4 megapixels. Surprisingly, the earlier Pocket 2’s smaller sensor shoots 64-megapixel images. The ISO range of the camera is 50 to 6,400. Pocket 3 adjusts the exposure to create direct output with a clean and radiant complexion for different skin tones. Get ready to steal the show whenever you’re in the picture.

Discover Endless Possibilities

Osmo Pocket 3 is a flexible camera that can adapt to every situation. Its integrated timecode technology expedites post-production by ensuring that your film syncs seamlessly between cameras for professional-level editing and storytelling.

Pocket 3 is small and flexible, fitting effortlessly in your palm or pocket and ensuring you’re always prepared for moments worth documenting. It has three-axis mechanical stabilization capabilities and ActiveTrack 6.0 for face identification and dynamic framing.

The Steadicam doesn’t have internal storage, but photographs and film are stored on microSD card media, and there’s a built-in timecode capability for easy multi-camera synching in post-production. The camera uses the DJI LightCut software to offer single-click editing, AI-based highlight reels & other impressive features.

DJI intends for the Osmo Pocket 3 to be a flexible solution for all content creators and users. The Pocket 3’s full-pixel fast focusing can easily maintain even the fastest-moving things in crisp focus. A new Product Showcase mode prioritizes the foreground and can swiftly and seamlessly focus on a subject, making it ideal for livestreaming and product displaying.

Pocket 3’s exclusive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setup connects directly to dual DJI Mic-2 Transmitters, offering crystal-clear recording for interviews, vlogs, live streams, and more. Furthermore, Glamour Effects 2.0 provides more customizable beauty possibilities.

The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is available online for $519. Other kits include a handle, microphone transmitter, protective cover, clip magnetic, wrist strap, windshield, battery hold, micro tripod & other accessories. You can get various purchase alternatives on the DJI’s website!

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