DASUNG Launches World’s First Color E-ink Monitor: Paperlike Color

DASUNG Launches Paperlike Color

DASUNG Tech is one of the leading companies that is known for its innovative technology and solutions that are designed to support, augment and streamline the way people work. If you have been keeping up with the brand, you likely know that DASUNG has recently announced the world’s first color e-ink monitor, Paperlike Color.

This is assumed to be the ultimate color e-ink monitor that’s designed to augment user experience, simplify workflow and reduce strain on the eyes despite prolonged hours of consistent work.

The brand claims that the monitor’s display mimics the appearance of “real color printing paper” with vivid color contrast and vibrant and dynamic effect on the display. If you are new to the world of color e-ink monitors and want to know what sets apart Paperlike Color, let us walk you through the highlights.

Programmed with X-Color Filter Tech

We briefly mentioned how DASUNG stands out with their innovative tech and solutions and the X-Color filter tech is one that deserves a solid appreciation.

DASUNG Paperlike Color

The 25.3” Kaleido 3 color E-ink screen supports and renders 4096 colors with higher reflectivity, which enables users to view the subjects on the screen with their true-to-life colors.

But, that’s not the selling point. The Paperlike Color is integrated with DASUNG X-Color Filter technology, exclusively created for this device to offer elevated rendition when it comes to the color contrast, saturation and the vividness in the display.

Battle against RLCD

With color e-ink monitor, one of the most common counters that users have is wondering how it compares with a monitor with RLCD screen.

Paperlike Color stands out with its high reflectivity and vibrant color reproduction against the standard RLCD that we normally use. Thanks to the Color’s E-ink technology, the new monitor doesn’t compromise on the vibrancy and the dynamic effects.

The latest integrated technologies also assure reduced strain on the eyes alongside lower power consumption, which is a bonus point. Compared to the conventional RLCD screens, the Paperlike Color maintains a balance when it comes to the vibrant colors and effects appearing on the display.

Refresh speed like no other

Another feature that contributes to the innovation tech of DASUNG is their ultra-speed refresh technology that contribute to minimal latency and faster refresh tech.

So, irrespective of whether you are browsing through a document, learning a course online, editing your work, everything happens like a breeze and without any compromise. The connected mouse movements in this color e-ink monitor are immaculate as well.

Exclusive super-sized front light tech

DASUNG is known for their unique and exclusive features and their front-light tech is one of them. This feature is exclusive to the Paperlike Color monitor, allowing the users to adjust the paper-like-eye-friendly display, especially when working at night or darker spaces.

Everything related to the front light, brightness and display vibrancy is adjustable, providing the users with the flexibility they need to optimize their user experience.

Cable-free experience

In a world where everything is becoming wireless, DASUNG doesn’t want to be left out. The Paperlike Color supports 2.4G+5G dual-band transmission for a more stable signal and usage.

Besides that, the device also supports Miracast/AirPlay wireless transmission technology, which is compatible with pretty much all the devices you can think of.

From versatile usage to premium design elements, the Paperlike Color lives up to all the standard expectations that every consumer has related to their e-ink monitors.

Pricing and availability

There’s a live campaign ongoing at Indiegogo if you want to check out more details about the launch, its availability and the feature specifications.

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