CORSAIR Releases M75 AIR WIRELESS: Supports Elevated FPS Play

corsair release m75 air wireless

CORSAIR, a brand that’s known for the production of high-performance gear for gamers has recently launched their brand-new mouse, M75 AIR WIRELESS. Designed with a modern and sleek design, the mouse allows for top FPS play for the gamers.

Narrowing down the design of the CORSAIR M75 AIR WIRELESS to 60 g was not easy and involved a series of trial and errors and rigorous processes for precise contour, outline and button placement. The mouse is built with 100% PTFE mouse feet for impressive and smooth sweeps on any playing surface.

Furthermore, the mouse is integrated with an ultra-precise CORSAIR MARKSMAN 26K DPI optical sensor, which allows for micro-adjustments and near-imperceptible movements.

What’s unique about the build?

The CORSAIR M75 AIR WIRELESS is designed to fit the gaming needs of advanced gamers, thanks to its sleek and modern design and ergonomical mouse shape.

corsair m75 air wireless

Developers and product designers at CORSAIR have prioritized every element of design into this new mouse to put the players in position of victory with its ultralight and comfortable design.

Like we mentioned, the mouse weighs 60 g and has a symmetrical shape that contributes to a competitive mouse design like no other. The design process has been extensive, especially with the designers realigning and reworking on the shape, contour and the button placement for an inconspicuous user experience.

With all the unique design elements in it, the M75 AIR WIRELESS is the lightest mouse designed and released by CORSAIR till date.

What’s new in terms of functionality?

Now that we have discussed a bit about the design, let us shift our focus to the functionalities in this new mouse.

Integrated with the 100% PTFE mouse feet, gliding this mouse across the playing surface is as smooth as butter. Manoeuvring the mouse and ensuring precise clicks to take down the opponents in the game has never been easier. Your enemies won’t even realize what hit them.

The bottom of the mouse also features the CORSAIR MARKSMAN 26K DPI optical sensor, which makes way for micro adjustments and clicking in the corners very intricately.

What further contributes to the next-level performance of this mouse are the zero-delay CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE buttons and optical left- and right-click switches that support lag-free usage over wireless or Bluetooth connectivity.

Lastly, the wireless mouse has a long-lasting battery of up to 100 hours between charges, which enables gamers to have interruption-free gameplay experience. It supports USB-wired charging for quick and effortless charging experience.

What are some additional perks?

CORSAIR seems to be quite proud and elated with the release of M75 AIR WIRELESS, which is why they are offering special perks and accessories with the release.

The limited-edition M75 AIR WIRELESS mouse will be available on their official website and will be available in an electrifying thunderbolt yellow color. Also, there will be a M75 AIR Launch Edition bundle available, including a limited-edition mouse pad, high-performance glass mouse skates, and grip tape.

What about the availability and pricing?

The CORSAIR M75 AIR WIRELESS will be available on the company’s official website and their authorized retailers and online distributors. The model will be backed with two years warranty and will start from $149.99.

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