Corsair Launches K70 CORE SE

CORSAIR is a leading tech company that has been providing gamers with all the latest tech and gadgets to elevate their gameplay experience. With the growing success of the K70 lineup, CORSAIR has finally announced an expansion of that line-up with the new K70 CORE SE.

Compared to the predecessor, K70 CORE, the K70 CORE SE features improved functionalities and latest tech advancements for a more refined gameplay experience. From the design to the performance, CORSAIR has worked on improving every aspect of the gaming keyboard with the new addition.

Design and hardware components

When it comes to any gaming keyboard, the first and potentially the most important feature is the design and the hardware factors in the device.

The new K70 CORE SE is integrated with CORSAIR MLX Red linear mechanical switches for fine tuned typing experience that doesn’t create a lot of noise and glides on smoothly without any kinds of pushbacks.

Corsair K70 CORE SE

Additionally, the switches in the keyboard are pre-lubricated for smoother typing experience and lesser key travel for quicker and uninterrupted typing. Underneath the switches, there are two additional layers of sound dampening foams that reducing the annoying noises for a softer and more acoustic typing and gaming experience.

Sustainability at the forefront

CORSAIR is dedicating towards minimizing the impact their products make on the environment, which is why the K70 CORE SE is built with sustainability at the forefront.

The sturdy bottom of the keyboard is constructed using 85%post-consumer recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly variant.

Also, when it comes to the overall build, the keyboard features durable aluminum top plate and tough PBT dye-sublimated keycaps, which guarantee long-lasting durability so that the users won’t have to worry about replacing the keyboard every few years.

Performance at its peak

Moving ahead to the functionalities of this keyboard, CORSAIR has integrated multi-function dial in the device, which allows the users to personalize their user experience like never before.

From being able to adjust the volume to the RGB brightness and zoom, the new K70 CORE SE doesn’t compromise on the functionalities. Paired with a programmable media button, the keyboard also enables the users to customize and adjust their music controls as per their convenience.

Also, the buttons are programmed with CORSAIR iCUE software for easy RGB lighting set-up whenever needed. There are custom settings, which add to the whole user experience as well.

Bundles for the win

If you are one of those users that likes to indulge in the whole launch and make the most out of the gaming experience, you’d benefit with purchasing the bundles that are available for purchase already.

The limited-edition bundles consist of keycap and mouse pad bundles that’s available on CORSAIR’s web store. The bundle consists of MM350 PRO Extended XL 930mm x 400mm mouse pad and PBT dye-sublimated keycaps, which is available in three different color variants – White Cherry Blossom, Steel Azure, and Steel Crimson.

Pricing and Availability

The CORSAIR K70 CORE SE gaming keyboard is available for purchase on CORSAIR’s official webstore for $69.99. It is available in three different color variants.

Furthermore, the keyboard is backed with two-year warranty, which guarantees uninterrupted and the ultimate user and gaming experience like no other.

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