Check out LG’s new soundbar series: Powered by Dolby Atmos

LG unveils S95TR, SG10TY and S70TY Soundbars

LG unveiled their 2024 soundbar series, which includes versions with wireless Dolby Atmos connections to compatible TVs. The 3 versions are the flagship S95TR, the OLED-partnering SG10TY, and the smaller S70TY, with pricing and availability to be announced.

The boosted audio quality of LG’s newest soundbar models improves the home entertainment experience with a heightened immersion and more convenience, creating an enhanced synergy between the soundbar and TV.

WOW Orchestra enables the soundbar and LG TV to use all their audio channels to produce an unparalleled audio experience with an expanded soundstage and greater depth and height.

Packing Audio Excellence

Television speakers are rarely capable of producing cinema-quality sound. It’s why many firms manufacture soundbars, significantly improving the audio experience. If you can link your television with a soundbar made expressly for that model, your chances of achieving movie audio heights increase even more.

LG’s goal for 2024 is to make it easier for people to link the appropriate soundbar with their television and improve the sound experience. LG’s latest soundbars link wirelessly to LG TVs with the aid of WOWCAST. The WOW interface includes all the new LG soundbars to ease setup and even share sound options with your LG television.

The S95TR is the premium model, with 810W of power via 15 channels, five up-firing channels, and a central up-firing speaker to boost sound staging and dimensionality. Improved tweeters and a passive radiator are also included in the S95TR to enhance the bass and optimize the overall balance between the soundbar and subwoofer.

The SG10TY comes next and works with LG’s premium OLED TVs. This soundbar integrates with LG’s OLED TVs via WOW Orchestra, WOW interface, and WOWCAST. This Wi-Fi soundbar also matches LG OLED TVs’ breadth and frame colors.

The S70TY, aimed at LG’s QNET TVs, is another new addition to the LG soundbar collection. The S70TY boasts an up-firing speaker and a customized mount that sets the soundbar precisely beneath the QNETD TV for a seamless appearance and feel. You won’t have to drill holes to raise the speaker to the height of the TV with the provided bracket.

What else is in store?

In addition, an upgrade to the LG AI Room Calibration is planned for 2024. Based on the space’s acoustics, this function analyzes the environment and automatically adjusts speaker settings to improve the sound. The AI Room Calibration will be extended to rear surround speakers to enhance the experience.

LG also intends to release new editions of speakers and earphones in 2024, including the LG XBOOM 360 speaker, which features a distinctive canonical-cylindrical form that radiates music in all directions. Its unusual design delivers constant, high-quality audio enjoyment for everyone in the listening room.

Its small size, 15-hour battery life, and IP55 protection boost its mobility and adaptability. The XBOOM 360 also has 360-degree mood lighting that uses audio reflectors to create a more open and diffuse lighting design.

Finally, LG intends to introduce its TONE Free T90S earbuds, which will include better Dolby Head Tracking and updated Adaptive ANC, as well as plug and cordless connectivity for devices that do not possess Bluetooth. The new gadgets will be shown at the company’s stand (#15501, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center) from January 9 to 12, 2024.

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