BOOX Note Air3 Unveiled: A Monochrome Tablet for Focus and Note-Taking

BOOX Launches Note Air3

BOOX is a tablet brand that makes some powerful tablets. While it might not be as popular as the iPads or some Android tabs of the world, it is still out there pushing out products regularly. Well, the good news is that BOOX has introduced a new tablet: the Note Air3. This cutting-edge black & white E Ink tablet is designed to heighten focus and streamline note-taking.

The new tablets have two versions: the Note Air3 and Note Air3 C. The first is monochrome, and the other has a color screen. This tab series also marks an upgrade from its forerunner, the Note Air2 Plus, and brings better battery life, effortless note-taking, and other cool features.

Enhancing Reading with Distraction-Free Precision

The Note Air3 comes with a 10.3” Carta 1200 E Ink screen. BOOX says that this new screen is going to set a new standard for impeccable black-and-white contrast. This means that users will get sharper text and enhanced focus.

Then, the thinner glass panel enhances clarity, replicating the feel of reading on paper. And for people wondering why so heavy on the monochrome screen? With a monochrome screen, the Note Air3 eliminates color distractions, which helps to create a concentration-friendly environment.

BOOX Note Air3

The new tab supports 17 ebook formats to make sure that users are compatible with various reading materials. Overall, this tablet has all the features for a distraction-free reading experience.

Seamless User Experience and Prolonged Battery Life

Just because it is made for light work doesn’t mean it compromises on specs. The new Note Air3 also prioritizes user experience. For that, it comes with a high-performance Octa-core CPU with speeds reaching up to 2.4GHz. The new version also upgrades to Android 12. This is good for two reasons: enhanced app compatibility and heightened security.

Then there is the battery life, and for that, this tab comes with a 3700mAh battery. This might not be the biggest battery you get on a tab, but BOOX claims that the Note Air3 can last up to four weeks on standby mode.

Ergonomic Comfort and Aesthetic Appeal

Continuing the sleek design of its predecessor, the Note Air3 maintains a slim profile of only 5.8mm. It comes in a premium aluminum shell which looks chic and modern. The lightweight construction ensures effortless portability, while the wide grip guarantees a comfortable and secure hold for prolonged use. The Note Air3 effortlessly combines ergonomic comfort with timeless aesthetics.

Perfecting Note-Taking with Innovation

The standout feature of the Note Air3 is its paperlike screen, which is not something new for BOOX tablets. People have been using these for note-taking for a while. BOOX has paired the new tablet with the Wacom stylus. This is better for note-taking and drawing.

The latest firmware update introduces the innovative Smart Scribe feature, turning scribbles into perfect shapes, facilitating highlighting and underlining, and enabling easy deletion of handwriting.

Furthermore, BOOX has also added keyword search features for instant retrieval of relevant notes.

Flexibility and Seamless Organization

Running on the Android 12 operating system, the Note Air3 opens doors to a whole range of apps, catering to diverse user needs. Then, it has a flexible split-screen function that facilitates multitasking, allowing users to view multiple apps simultaneously.

Furthermore, BOOX has also added features like BOOXDrop and Onyx Cloud for file management and organization.

Pricing and Availability

For those who are interested in the new BOOX Note Air3, it is now up for orders from the official BOOX site. The price for BOOX Note Air3 is starting at USD 399.99 for the monochrome version without the stylus.

So if you are someone who takes notes on a tablet and doesn’t really like other distractions it offers, the new BOOX Note Air3 monochrome might just be the thing you need. With its paperlike screen, upgraded CPU, and Android 12 OS, the Note Air3 promises a smooth and distraction-free user experience.

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