Boox launches magnetic keyboard cover with trackpad

BOOX introduces Magnetic Keyboard Cover with Trackpad

Being the innovative creator of e-ink devices in the marketplace, Boox has transformed the digital sector considerably since 2008. Their e-ink systems & e-monitors made a significant impact on the productivity of various IT–related sectors.

Recently, Boox has developed an advanced magnetic keyboard cover with an added trackpad to offer an efficient typing experience and much more comfortable tracking for Tab Ultra C Pro to enhance productivity irrespective of your physical demographics.

Come, let’s check out what’s new in it!

Extended Security, Elevated Connectivity

The keyboard cover can be set up with your Tab Ultra C Pro simultaneously. The pogo port coupler was replaced with the panel & the robust magnets were redesigned on the grounded surface, ensuring a stable connection that wiped out any discomfort.

You must tether your device to the magnetic cover & streamline the pogo port adapters on the system’s backend attached to the cover. The entire connection is a hassle-free process, and it isn’t necessary to have extra pairing or charging.

Tab Ultra C Pro Magnetic Keyboard Cover with a Trackpad

Besides an incredible typing experience, the keyboard cover provides elevated flexibility across different angles. You can modify the angle over a certain dimension between 120 – 180 degrees, enabling you to locate the desired position for optimal user experience.

Hand Gestures With Quick Shortcuts

Smart hand gestures allow you to function smarter, which can eventually simplify the process of task completion. It also helps you perform other activities & boost your overall productivity. Also, the trackpad provides the option of hand gestures for accomplishing the desired tasks much quicker, like clicking the screenshots, revisiting the page & returning to the homepage.

You can modify the trackpad movements from the settings panel if required. Boox highlights this tool as the most advanced gadget launched recently, offering a highly portable workstation irrespective of your demographic location.

The keyboard also employs a wide array of shortcuts deployed into the system software, offering seamless access to famous operations, including volume modifier, brightness control, multitasking & much more. Using these extensive shortcuts, you can execute multiple chores with simple key fusion, which provides a highly efficient user experience more seamlessly.

Hassle-free Typing & Higher Productivity

The blend of the keyboard nodes, inbuilt trackpad & advanced ePaper display constructs a robust system for productivity in no time. Whether working from a coffee zone, moving trains, or maximizing home comfort, this gadget gives you a new definition for your Tab Ultra C Pro by converting it into a mini workstation to leverage your work productivity.

The Magnetic Keyboard Cover with a Trackpad is the most trusted companion for working professionals, college students, and people who recognize the importance of productivity. Besides leveraging productivity, this keyboard cover assists in combating digital overload.

Being connected with the ePaper display, you can effortlessly click your texted notes, create articles & execute other intense typing-based scheduled works without any external distractions. It provides an extensive typing experience, enabling your thought process to flow smoothly before building your next masterpiece.

Whether you are a professional creator, a learning student, or someone who demands more comfortable typing, this device will surely accomplish your requirements by reviving a new life to your words with high precision.

The latest Magnetic Keyboard Cover with a Trackpad is the most wanted addition to redefine the Tab Ultra C Pro into a portable workstation. Its secure connection, adjustable angles & smart hand gestures can increase your overall work productivity by providing an exceptional typing experience.

The time has arrived to upgrade your existing system with the advanced Magnetic Keyboard Cover & unleash modern productivity. Experience a much-needed $60 savings on the Keyboard Cover before purchasing Tab Ultra C Pro.

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