Logitech Unveils Zone Wireless 2: A Game-Changer for Hybrid Work

logitech unveils zone wireless 2

When we talk about professional headsets, there are select brands that come to mind, and Logitech is one of the top ones. They have been making headsets and other audio products for a while. People love Logitech headsets for their audio quality, comfort, durability, and noise-canceling, among other things.

Well, we now have a new headset, and it is the new Logitech Zone Wireless 2. It is the successor to the Logitech Zone Wireless, which is still very popular for its comfort and noise-canceling features. Now, let’s talk about the new Logitech Zone Wireless 2 and see what it brings to the table.

The Increasing Need for Noise-Canceling Headsets

People are embracing hybrid working ever since COVID-19, and with all of the benefits, it is now becoming a new normal. However, working from home or from any remote location comes with its own set of challenges.

One of them is audio disturbances from the surroundings. Hybrid working relies on virtual communication for seamless workflow, and that is why noise-canceling headsets play a vital part in the hybrid workflow.

Enter the Zone Wireless 2

Logitech already knows how vital headsets are, and that is why they are one of the best headset brands in the world.

logitech zone wireless 2

Now, they have the new Zone Wireless 2, and the brand is saying that this is not just an ordinary headset; it’s a testament to their commitment to precision, innovation, and sustainability.

AI Far-End Noise Suppression

One of the standout features of the Zone Wireless 2 is its ability to suppress ambient noise from the other person’s side of the call, even if they’re not using a noise-canceling headset. This is like the AI features that you see on Google Pixel smartphones but more advanced. The headset distinguishes the caller’s voice from background noise using the Advanced Call Clarity feature, which is powered by AI and activated via Logi Tune.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Hybrid ANC is a game-changer for professionals working in noisy environments. Whether it’s the clatter of keyboards, nearby conversations, or the hum of HVAC systems, the Zone Wireless 2’s ANC ensures you stay focused and undistracted. Hybrid ANC is still not available in many mainstream headsets. Hence, this is a unique and remarkable feature that users can take advantage of.

Personalized Sound

Just because this is a headset meant for professional use doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it. Logitech has provided a companion application, Logi Tune, for this headset. It allows users to personalize their headset based on their unique hearing range. Within the app, users can take a self-administered hearing test. It ensures that the Zone Wireless 2 caters to your specific audio needs.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Professionals often switch between devices and scenarios throughout the workday. The Zone Wireless 2 makes this seamless with multipoint Bluetooth and smart enumeration. This intelligent feature solves the common issue of audio connections not switching correctly when you move between devices.

Long Battery Life

If we talk about wireless headsets, the battery is always a point to consider, and the new Zone Wireless 2 comes with a pretty good battery life. Users can get up to 40 hours of battery life on a full charge, ensuring they can keep up with their busiest work schedules. Then, they can also get an hour of talk time with a 5-minute quick charge, which is more than enough to attend those emergency meetings.

Stylish and Comfortable

With Logitech, It’s not just about performance. Logitech headsets are known for their comfort, and the new Zone Wireless 2 is no different. Users get soft, breathable earcups and a choice of Graphite, Off-White, or Rose colorways.

Intuitive Controls

Users also get intelligent touch controls on the ear cups that they can use to manage media and volume effortlessly. The headset also features on-ear detection in Logi Tune, pausing media when you take off the headset.

IT Management and Sustainability

Organizations also prefer using Logitech headsets as they offer seamless integration with virtual meeting platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Voice, and Fast Pair.

The integration with Sync, Logitech’s device management platform, allows secure and scalable remote management. This ensures that IT admins can update firmware and troubleshoot Zone Wireless 2 devices, whether they are used in the office or remotely.

For sustainability, Logitech has added interchangeable earpads and a replaceable battery to extend the headset’s lifespan. This is good as the earcups are battery go through the most wear and tear.

Pricing and Availability

The Zone Wireless 2 is now available globally through authorized resellers and Logitech’s official website. The new Logitech Zone Wireless 2 headset is priced at USD 299.

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