Leica Unveils the ZM 11 Watch

leica unveils zm 11

Most everyday consumers know Leica these days because of the logo present on the cameras of certain smartphones. However, the German brand has its unique place in the world of photography. It is a luxury camera brand known for its minimalist yet classy designs.

While Leica primarily makes cameras and other optical equipment, they recently started making watches, and the latest addition to their watch portfolio is the new Leica ZM 11. Let’s see what the new watch brings to the table.

A Timepiece Rooted in Legacy

Leica is already a big name in the world of photography. Enormous credit for that goes to the iconic design themes that are exclusive to the brand. So it was only sensible for them to take inspiration from their camera designs and put it in a watch.

The new Leica ZM 11 captures the essence of Leica’s camera heritage. It looks unique while also looking like a classy premium watch.

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

Just like the design of the watch, Leica also added other functionalities of a camera to this watch. For instance, there is Leica’s Easy Change strap system. Using this, users can change the watch straps easily, just like they change the lenses on the cameras.

leica zm 11

While it’s not a unique feature since many watches come with swappable straps, it still enhances the versatility of the watch.

For the core part, this watch comes with an exact Swiss automatic movement developed in partnership with Chronode SA. So users can be assured that they are going to get the best quality. The watch also comes with a 5-year warranty.

New Perspectives with Every Angle

Since this is a luxury watch, it comes with its own unique features. For the ZM 11, it is the watchface. It’s a canvas where light, shadow, and design converge, creating a unique and dynamic visual experience.

Then, you get a dual-layered design on the dial, which looks stunning. Also, it changes the app on the wearer’s viewing angle, which is something unique about this watch.

The dial’s upper layer features gradients created by sunray or horizontal brushing. When the watch is tilted, the colours change. This isn’t the product of printed visual effects; rather, it’s the result of the dial’s structure, which creates a visual spectacle evocative of sunshine passing through blinds.

Gleaming edges match the brushed indexes and are filled with brilliant Super-Luminova A1, making them visible even in low-light circumstances. The hands are expertly diamond-cut, with delicate facets and a combination of deep brushed and sandblasted finishes.

The black ring nestled between the glass and bezel on the ZM 11 is an homage to Leica’s tradition in lens craftsmanship. This ring allows light to elegantly traverse the dial, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.


The Leica ZM 11 Collection is set to be available from the end of November at selected Leica Stores, offering photography and watch enthusiasts the opportunity to own a piece that reflects the legacy, innovation, and iconic design language that Leica is known for.

The ZM 11 is more than just a watch; it’s a masterpiece that unites the worlds of photography and watchmaking, offering a new perspective from every angle and redefining how we perceive the passage of time.

The only pressing issue is that Leica has only recently entered the watch segment. This is one of the most competitive segments. There are many luxury brands that have mastered the art of watchmaking and dominate the market.

On the other hand, most people know Leica from their cameras. So the target audience for this premium watch is quite small. Only watch collectors or big Leica fans would be interested in buying this watch. For regular consumers, it is just another option and that is not a good thing for the brand. However, it will be really interesting to see how this watch performs in the market.

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