Kivors 10.1-inch 3G Touch Tablet Review

Featuring 10.1 inch IPS display, Kivors 3G Touch Tablet is not at all disappointing. There is something for everyone one to enjoy and have a great. Starting with a high resolution of 800 x 1280 HD exclusively gives the clear and crisp content.  With this high resolutions watching small videos, movies, and even playing games will be a great experience. Thanks to it feature it allows you to have a great view from different angles, exceptional brightness facility, and less glare. Making the overall experience a thumbs up. The great IPS LCD display will certainly steal the show when compared to others.

Kivors 10.1-inch 3G Touch Tablet

The best part of it is that it’s quite convenient to carry while being on a trip and you can easily download a wide range of applications like Youtube, Facebook, MSN, Skype, The Good Corner, Stone Hearth, Skygo, Instagram,  Two, Agoda, Uber, Royal War, etc. So, you can remain socially updated with ease while being on the trip.

Kivors 3G Touch Tablet is supported with exceptional configurations in the form of Front and Rear Camera, Quad-Core processor, 32GB ROM  and 2GB RAM. It does not end here as you will also be able to cherish, dual sim facility with the frequency band of GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz and WCDMA: 2100/1900/850MHz. Kivors 3G Touch Tablet also supports AT&T T-mobile standard SIM card but when it’s about Verizon and Sprint, you will have to wait for now as it does not support these facilities.

32 GB ROM and 2 GB RAM will certainly not at all put you in halt while watching movies and videos. There is also a microSD slot which can be used to increase the memory up to 64GB  exclusively allowing you to download all the favorite movies, games, and applications which you would like to without any sort of problem. The Play Store applications come pre-installed with it and it will help you download millions of applications with ease.

If you are one of those who just likes to have a great listening music and watching videos than our configuration of the biggest display with more than 1 million pixels with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi is just perfect for you to have the best experience flawlessly.

Display Kivors 10.1-inch 3G Touch Tablet

When compared to others, I would certainly rate Kivors 3G Touch Tablet 35% faster and this is because of the 2x RAM and astounding quad-core processor. The Google Android 7.0 run exceptionally when merged with four 1.3GHz helping you with quick application installation and launching and playing games and videos will also be completely trouble-free. This configuration will also boost the performance of multi-tasking. You will also get excellent network performance with the help of the Wi-Fi function available.


Featuring 5MP rear camera, Kivors 3G Touch Tablet is certainly tailor-made for having a good photo shoot at this rate. You will able to record excellent quality video and also capture a lot of photos while being on a trip or during any special occasion. The selfie camera is of 2 MP good enough to make video calls or Skype calls with family and friends. Yes certainly not that good that you must go gaga over it, it could have been better. But for your creative purposes, it is good enough to capture the moment and get social about it with ease.


The battery power measures up to 4,500 mAh and you will be entertained for the entire day without any hiccups. The videos can be streamed continuously for around 10 hours and then you will have the need to recharge. I would certainly rate the battery power good enough when compared to others as whether you are at home or on the move, Kivors 3G Touch Tablet will not disappoint you while watching your favorite shows, playing games or even while browsing online. The entire day will be pulled off with ease.

Number of Options

From Dual Sim Card Slots, GPS to Bluetooth 4.0, you will have a lot of functional choices left with you for different needs. You will also be getting a slot for microSD card which can be expanded till 64GB. This can be used for all your favorite needs and requirements. From sharing with Bluetooth, to use GPS for tracking the live location and dual sim slots for you different needs of two SIM, this tablet covers you with bases. The memory expansion allows you to store all your favorite specifications with ease.

Fast Performance

The quad-core processor certainly takes a call on it and helping with excellent performance. Not you will get to perform multiple tasks with ease but also allow you to make application installation fast. So, the overall performance just goes to another level making you do all your required work without any sort of disruption. And furthermore, you will also attain much better network performance with the Wi-Fi network.


Well, with Kivors 3G Touch Tablet, you will get enhanced performance with 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, and quad-core 1.3 GHz processor. You will not be left behind amazing viewing experience where you will be able to relish 10.1 inches 1280 x 800 bright IPS screen resolution which will certainly keep you amused. The powerpack processor packs a punch with Quad-Core CPU and 4500 mAh battery to keep you hooked without any stoppage in between. It does not end here, as you get a huge storage space for all your favorite stuff with internally built 32GB and also expandable up to 64GB. You can easily enjoy the lot of movie, games, and application without any trouble with memory.  So, you can download a lot of movies and games without considering about the space. You will also get the assistance from dual sim which will allow you to take benefits of two networks with ease.

Kivors 3G Touch Tablet becomes an excellent option to gift to your family members as they only have the best time with this excellent performer when compared to other tablets. I will surely rate this compatible enough to purchase at the $109.99.

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