Harry Potter Expands its Magical Realm to Kobo Plus

Harry Potter Expands its Magical Realm to Kobo Plus

If you are a big fan of fantasy and wizarding, there is some good news coming from Rakuten Kobo. The brand recently sealed a magical pact with Pottermore Publishing. The collaboration was announced on November 8, 2023.

It is a good collaboration between the two and a win-win situation for users as it opens the gates to the enchanting world of Harry Potter for subscribers of Kobo Plus. The new catalog will be available in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

The Wizarding World at Your Fingertips

For fans of the series, this means that the beloved fantasy books are no longer confined to the shelves.

Anyone having a Kobo Plus subscription can have access to Harry Potter novels at their fingertips. This seamlessly combines the joys of reading with the wonders of digital accessibility.

The enchantment is available not just in English but also in Dutch and French, ensuring that the wizarding experience is truly immersive for everyone.

A Treasury of Wizarding Tales

For a very long time, Harry Potter novels have been a part of pop culture. Even to this day, both the books and the movies are popular among youth and elders alike. With a modest monthly fee, Kobo Plus subscribers will now have the golden opportunity to lose themselves in the pages of the Harry Potter series.

They will be able to dive into the secrets of the Hogwarts Library and explore the magical universe through the screenplays of the Fantastic Beasts movies. All of this, and more, can be experienced at the reader’s convenience, allowing them to carry a piece of the wizarding world wherever they go.

Unlocking the Portal: Kobo Plus Accessibility

For Dutch, Belgian, and French book enthusiasts, the journey into this magical realm is as simple as a spell. Kobo Plus is accessible through the Kobo Books App for iOS or Android, as well as directly on Kobo eReaders.

This means readers have the freedom to explore not only the vast realm of Harry Potter but also books from the region’s most prominent publishers, Kobo Originals, and a treasure trove of eBooks and audiobooks published through Kobo Writing Life—the global self-publishing platform.

Rakuten Kobo: Where Reading Dreams Come True

Over time, Rakuten Kobo has established itself as one of the biggest and best digital booksellers. They sell eBooks, audiobooks, and many e-readers as well. In essence, the brand is created by and for book lovers. They primarily sell eBooks and audiobooks but they also have some great eReaders.

Now, they have collaborated with Pottermore Publishing to bring the world of magic and wizards to their readers. If you have a subscription to Kobo Plus, you can have access to this stuff. Kobo also has one of the most affordable subscription packages in the market. Its direct competitor is Amazon’s Kindle and they also offer many good subscriptions. The good thing is that with Kobo Plus, you not only get these new books but also the existing huge catalog of Kobo Plus.

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