DJI Unveils DJI Modify: A Revolutionary 3D Model Editing Software for Enhanced Aerial Surveys

DJI Modify

Many of you might know DJI from the popular civilian consumer drones. However, that is not all they do. DJI makes many B2B drones and advanced software for drones as well.

Expanding on the same, DJI has announced its next big thing for aerial surveying and modeling with the launch of DJI Modify.

This intelligent 3D model editing software marks a significant addition to DJI’s suite of enterprise solutions. The brand says that this new software will also integrate seamlessly with DJI Terra, the company’s renowned 3D modeling and mapping software.

Now, DJI is saying that this new software is going to redefine the landscape of aerial surveying, making model editing efficient, intuitive, and seamlessly integrated into the workflow. So, let’s find out what it is all about.

A Comprehensive Solution for Aerial Surveying

As mentioned earlier, DJI doesn’t just make civilian consumer drones. They also make drones for enterprises, and this new software is a complementary solution designed to enhance the capabilities of DJI’s enterprise drones and DJI Terra.

This intelligent 3D model editing software is a game-changer for industries that rely on accurate aerial surveys. So, any number of industries, including surveying, transportation, emergency response, and firefighting, can benefit from this software.

Then, DJI Modify, and DJI Terra integration create a seamless end-to-end solution, streamlining the workflow from 3D modeling to model editing.

Like the familiar Photoshop for photo editing, DJI Modify simplifies the process of repairing common 3D model defects, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every edit. So you cannot only capture the data accurately but also refine it.

Effortless Integration and Workflow

DJI has highlighted the seamless integration of DJI Modify with DJI Terra. This integration comes with many benefits. Now, users can launch the DJI Modify software with a simple click within any DJI Terra 3D modeling project.

This integration automatically generates DJI Terra files for model editing, including pre-identified items and model pre-processing. Now, DJI says that the process is simple and will improve the overall user experience.

Another point to note is that, as of now, DJI Modify software just supports repairing the DJI Terra model. Taking this exclusive approach allows the software to deliver peak performance and compatibility. The brand says that this helps them to create software that is perfectly made for their existing ecosystem.

Intelligent Editing Tools for Enhanced Efficiency

These days, software makers are particularly focused on creating a pleasant user interface for their software, and the new DJI Modify is no different. So, in terms of the UI, DJI has worked to make it very simple and easy to use.

The editing tools are simple to use and do not require complicated settings. Model files may be quickly imported and exported, and they are compatible with a variety of formats, including ply, obj, and b3dm. This adaptability enables users to seamlessly integrate with DJI Terra and other third-party apps.

Future-ready Collaboration and Cloud Integration

One of the best aspects of this program is its support for the cloud. Users do not have to confine themselves to local editing. DJI claims that processed models may be easily transmitted to the cloud for online viewing and discussion using links, removing the need for program installations. This forward-thinking strategy reflects industry developments, making cooperation more accessible and efficient.

Pricing and Availability

DJI says that the new DJI Modify is definitely going to redefine precision aerial surveys and the way they are processed. If we talk about the pricing, DJI Modify is going to cost users USD 1580, which might sound like a lot, but looking at the utility it serves, the price is justified.

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