BOOX Unwraps Mira Pro (Frontlight Version): Elevating Work Comfort with a 25.3-inch ePaper Monitor

BOOX launches Mira Pro Frontlight Version

Many of you might not know this buy BOOX is a pretty well-established brand in the world of eReaders and ePapers. If you use these devices, there is some exciting news for you. BOOX has recently introduced the Mira Pro (Frontlight Version). This is a 25.3-inch ePaper monitor designed to alleviate eye strain and enhance productivity.

It is tailored for individuals spending extended hours on screens. BOOX says that the new Mira Pro will bring a new level of comfort and efficiency to the desktop. So let’s take a look at its features and specifications.

Gentle Front Light: A Visual Oasis for Prolific Creators

The key highlight of the new Mira Pro is its pivotal feature – the front light. Overcoming technological challenges, the 25.3-inch ePaper screen incorporates 112 bulbs to provide a dual-tone front light.

So, this is a mild illumination, which looks like ambient lighting. It goes all around the screen in an even manner. The end result is a comfortable viewing experience for the viewers.

Users can effortlessly adjust the tone and intensity using a scroll wheel or the Mira software. Unlike traditional LED screens with harsh backlight, the front light aims to reduce eye strain, fostering a conducive environment for prolonged work or creative sessions.

Panoramic ePaper Display: Amplifying Focus in a Monochromatic Canvas

BOOX has specifically designed this E Ink monitor for those who want long-screen engagement and are on the screen all day. It is a 16:9 desktop E Ink monitor with a superior display.

The expansive 25.3-inch display accommodates documents, websites, and applications. With a resolution of 3200×1800 pixels, the monitor delivers crisp text reminiscent of reading a freshly printed newspaper.

BOOX Mira Pro Frontlight Version

Then, there is the monochrome display that eliminates distractions, allowing users to focus deeply on tasks. In this black-and-white realm, users can immerse themselves in the essence of text or code without the visual noise of vibrant images.

BOOX Super Refresh: Precision Meets Swift Response

BOOX has also added its exclusive BOOX Super Refresh (BSR) technology to the Mira Pro. This enhances the refresh performance and image quality.

Users get preset modes – Normal, Text, Video, and Slideshow. These modes allow users to tailor their experience for specific tasks, ensuring a fluid workflow with minimal ghosting and optimal text clarity.

Then there is the personalization aspect with the ability to create custom modes, offering users the flexibility to adjust refresh speed, dark color, and light color through the Mira software.

Easy Connect: Bridging Devices for Seamless Integration

In terms of I/O ports, BOOX has made the connectivity features quite good on this one. With five different ports – HDMI, Mini HDMI, USB Type C, DP, and DC – the Mira Pro ensures universal connectivity. Compatible with a range of devices, from computers and tablets to smartphones operating on Windows, iOS, and Android, the monitor opens avenues for seamless integration.

The adjustable ergonomic stand enables multi-angle viewing, allowing users to tilt, adjust height, and rotate the monitor for a vertical display. Standard VESA interfaces further enhance the viewing experience, supporting personalized and comfortable work or study postures.

Now, users can say bye to eye strain associated with traditional LCD screens and embrace the Mira Pro (Frontlight Version). The only interesting thing to see would be how people in the industry respond to this. It is not the first time that some brand has worked to launch a display that causes less eye strain.

The problem is that most users do not consider it that big of an issue and are not ready to pay the extra bucks. Hence, it will be interesting to see how the new Mira Pro will perform in such a competitive monitor market.

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