10 Best Printer Under 15000 in India

best printers under 15000 in India

Whether you are a student, working professional, or entrepreneur, you need hard copies of documents, drawings, photos, and lists in your everyday workflow. Given the sheer amount that printing stores charge to print anything on paper, it makes more sense to get a printer of your own.

Getting your own printer makes even more sense when you have a high volume of printing needs on an everyday basis. In that case, you end up spending a lot on third-party printing. Not only is it costly, but also takes a lot of time to go back and forth to the shop to get your stuff printed.

So, if you have good printing needs on an everyday basis, this guide is for you. Today, we will list the top 10 best printers under 15000 in India.

Why Should You Buy a Printer?

If you do not have any printing needs and only print three to four pages in a month, getting a printer for them is not economically smart. However, if you are a student who needs hard copies of notes, an engineer who needs prints of maps, or a homemaker who needs to print photos for your kids’ school projects or just for an album, having a printer at home or work is more sensible.

One of the main reasons for that is that, generally, the printing shops in India charge an unusual amount of money to print stuff. You can pay anywhere from INR 20-50 to get a color print on a regular paper. If you decide to upgrade the paper to bond or glossy, the price skyrockets.

While you might not think of it as a big deal because you just go to the shop once or twice a month, for people who have high-volume printing needs, this can add up.

So, while a new printer might seem costly, it is more economical for people with high printing needs in the long run.

Best Printer Under 15000

After spending a good amount of time researching the best printers in India, we have compiled a list of the top ten printers. By testing the printers across strict parameters like printer type, purpose of printing, functionality, print speed, paper handling, ink costs, etc., we present you with the best printers that you can find in the Indian market.

1. Epson EcoTank L3250 AIO Ink Tank Printer

Epson EcoTank L3250

The Epson EcoTank L3250 AIO Ink Tank Printer is easily one of the best printers you can find in the Indian market. Over the past few years, Epson has captured a lot of market share in India, competing with printing giants like HP, Canon, and Brother, which dominate the Indian market.

As the name suggests, it is an All-in-One ink tank printer. This printer can print, scan, and copy. Most people have copying needs, which can be a perfect addition to any desk. Epson says that it has low power consumption, which is good.

Since this is an ink tank printer, not only does it have a high page yield, but it also costs less to print with this one. There is a dedicated space-saving design that allows for seamless refilling of the ink. Furthermore, it supports many paper formats, including A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, and DL. With support for Mac and Windows, it is quite versatile. It also has support for WiFi, which means it can also print via a wireless connection with a phone or a computer.


  • Very cost-effective operation in the long run
  • It has support for WiFi
  • Comes with print, copy, and scan features


  • The software of the printer can cause some issues during operation
  • There is no LCD screen

Who can benefit from it?

It can benefit any number of users, from small business owners to students who need to print a lot of stuff on a daily basis. Since it has color ink support, users can also use this to print color photos.

2. HP Smart Tank 589 AIO WiFi Color Printer

HP Smart Tank 589

The HP Smart Tank 589 is a versatile, compact printing solution suitable for home and small office environments. It excels in producing vibrant and high-quality prints, using advanced inkjet technology to ensure exceptional color accuracy and detail. The printer’s design seamlessly blends into any workspace, offering convenient wireless connectivity options and compatibility with various operating systems and cloud services.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the printer focuses on ink efficiency through features like automatic two-sided printing and compatibility with high-yield ink cartridges, contributing to overall savings. Paper handling capabilities are efficient, with a versatile input tray accommodating various sizes and types.

Despite its strengths, the printer does have limitations, including a relatively limited paper capacity and higher-than-average ink cartridge costs. However, for individuals and small businesses seeking a balance between quality printing and cost-effectiveness, the HP Smart Tank 589 remains a reliable choice.


  • It produces sharp and vivid prints for documents, photos, and graphics
  • It conveniently prints from smartphones, tablets, and computers via Wi-Fi
  • It can accommodate various paper sizes and types, enhancing productivity


  • The printer has a relatively small paper capacity, requiring more frequent refills
  • The expense of ink cartridges is relatively high, impacting long-term printing costs

Who can benefit from it?

This printer caters to individuals and small businesses seeking a balance between quality printing and cost-effectiveness. Its user-friendly features and intuitive controls make it accessible to many users, regardless of technical expertise.

3. Brother HL-L2351DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2351DW

The Brother HL-L2351DW Monochrome Laser Printer is a single-function, monochromatic printer designed for small and home offices. Leveraging laser printing technology, it offers efficient printing with a notable feature—auto-duplex capability for automatic double-sided printing.

The printer operates at a speedy 30 pages per minute, making it ideal for users with high-volume printing needs. With a focus on simplicity and functionality, it is a monochrome printer with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to print seamlessly from both laptops and mobile devices.


  • Comes with genuine toner cartridges with significant page yields that provide cost-effective printing, making it economical in the long run.
  • The closed paper tray design eliminates the need to open and manage paper for each print job, contributing to a more streamlined printing experience.
  • With a printing speed of 30 pages per minute, the printer ensures fast and efficient printing without compromising quality.


  • The WiFi connectivity can be troublesome sometimes and requires extra steps
  • It just supports monochrome printing

Who can benefit from it?

This printer is well-suited for individuals or small businesses seeking a reliable monochrome printer with auto-duplex functionality. This can be beneficial if you are a student who needs notes or a business owner who prints invoices.

4. HP Laserjet P1108 Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer

HP Laserjet P1108

Next up on the list is the HP Laserjet P1108 monochrome laser printer. It is a dependable single-function monochrome laser printer tailored to fulfill home users’ and small offices’ fundamental printing requirements.

Boasting a compact design, it saves valuable workspace and integrates seamlessly into diverse environments. The printer’s laser technology ensures cost-effective printing and consistently produces high-quality prints featuring sharp text and clear graphics.


  • It is reliable for delivering cost-effective printing solutions, presenting an economical choice for users with moderate printing needs.
  • Its compact design ensures it occupies minimal space, making it an ideal and practical choice for home offices or environments with limited workspace.
  • It comes with laser printing, so it can produce high-quality prints with sharp text and clear graphics, effectively meeting basic printing requirements.


  • As a single-function printer, it lacks the added versatility of scanning and copying features, limiting its application compared to multi-function printers.
  • It does not come with WiFi support, which is a bummer, given that most printers do come with WiFi connectivity.

Who can benefit from it?

This printer is optimal for individuals and small offices seeking a straightforward monochrome printer for day-to-day printing tasks. Its simplicity and commitment to single-functionality make it particularly suitable for those who prioritize cost-effective and efficient black-and-white printing without needing multi-function features. This is a perfect solution if you just need black-and-white printing without the copy and scan.

5. HP Laserjet 108w Single Function Monochrome Laser Wi-Fi Printer

HP Laserjet 108w

The HP LaserJet 108w stands out as a dynamic single-function monochrome laser printer catering to various printing needs. With a dedicated print function, it ensures the production of clear and refined monochrome documents, leaving a lasting impact.

Users can achieve seamless connectivity by using Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi. So there is uninterrupted printing every time.

The printer comes equipped with the HP 110A Black Original Laser Toner Cartridge, guaranteeing sharp, precise prints with an impressive 1500-page yield.

Furthermore, users can benefit from swift printing, with speeds of up to 21 ppm, enhancing overall productivity. The printer supports standard media sizes and accommodates A4, A5, B5 (JIS), envelopes, and more, featuring a 150-sheet input and 100-sheet output capacity. Then there is the user-friendly interface that comprises 4 LED indicator lights (Power, Wireless, Toner, Attention) and 3 control panel buttons, ensuring convenient task management. So overall, it is a great printer.


  • It comes with a compact design
  • The toner use is quite efficient
  • It has a reliable performance in demanding use


  • It has WiFi connectivity issues
  • There are mobile printing challenges on this one

Who can benefit from it?

Again, this printer can be very beneficial for people who just need black and white prints and need them fast. That includes students, small offices, and others.

6. Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3000 AIO WiFi Inktank Colour Printer

Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3000

Now, we have the fan favorite Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3000 AIO Ink Tank Color Printer. With a 4.2 star rating from 11K reviews, this is a reliable all-in-one ink tank printer. It offers an efficient solution for high-volume printing needs. Its innovative MegaTank system replaces traditional cartridges with refillable ink tanks, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly printing option.

Since this is an all-in-one printer, you can also create copies and scan documents with this one. Overall, it is a very versatile option for households and small offices.


  • It comes with a cost-effective and eco-friendly ink tank system for high-volume printing.
  • It offers versatile printing, scanning, and copying capabilities in a single device.
  • The convenient WiFi connectivity allows wireless printing from various devices.


  • Users may find the initial setup process involving the ink tank system slightly complex.
  • Since it is an all-in-one printer, the print speed may not be as fast as some dedicated high-speed printers.

Who can benefit from it?

The printer can be ideal for users with high-volume printing requirements. The MegaTank G3000 is suitable for both home and small office environments. Its cost-effective ink tank system and wireless connectivity cater to those seeking an affordable and convenient printing solution. Whether you print color photos or print notes, this one is an excellent option.

7. HP Laser MFP 136a

HP Laser MFP 136a

If you are looking for a printing powerhouse, the HP Laser MFP 136a is one of the best options out there. It is a successor to the popular Laser MFP 136a with slight tweaks. It combines print, copy, and scan functions seamlessly.

Coming equipped with built-in fast Ethernet, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, and Wi-Fi connectivity, it ensures trouble-free connections and efficient printing. The included HP 110A Black Original Laser Toner Cartridge guarantees sharp prints with a 1500-page yield. Overall, it is a very reliable printer for people with everyday printing needs.


  • It comes with a compact and lightweight design.
  • It has excellent print and scan resolution for quality outputs.
  • It offers compatibility with both Windows and macOS operating systems.


  • There is a lack of Wi-Fi functionality that limits wireless convenience.
  • Mobile printing features are not available, limiting flexibility.

Who can benefit from it?

This printer is ideal for small offices and businesses with moderate printing needs. Its robust features make it suitable for 1-5 users, providing a versatile solution for daily printing, copying, and scanning tasks.

8. Epson EcoTank L3252 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson EcoTank L3252

Next up, we have the Epson EcoTank L3252 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer, and this one is also quite popular among users as it is an all-in-one ink tank printer. Just like the EcoTank L3250 printer, this one can printer can print, scan, and copy.

All of its features are also similar to the L3250, including low power consumption, high page yield, etc. So if you need to print, copy, and scan and need a versatile printer, make sure to consider this one.


  • Very cost-effective operation in the long run
  • It has support for WiFi
  • Comes with print, copy, and scan features


  • The software of the printer can cause some issues during operation
  • There is no LCD screen

Who can benefit from it?

This printer is advantageous for a diverse range of users, spanning from small business owners to students with extensive daily printing needs. Its support for color ink also enables users to produce vibrant color photographs.

9. Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3770 Multi-function WiFi Color Inkjet Printer

Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3770

The Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3770 stands out as an efficient and versatile multi-function WiFi color inkjet printer. Boasting Canon’s innovative MegaTank system, it excels in delivering high-capacity, cost-effective printing.

This all-in-one printer seamlessly combines printing, scanning, and copying functions, catering to diverse user needs. With its wireless connectivity feature, users can enjoy the convenience of printing from various devices.


  • It comes with an innovative MegaTank system for high-capacity, cost-effective printing
  • It has a versatile all-in-one functionality (print, scan, copy)
  • There is wireless connectivity for convenient printing from various devices


  • Lacks duplex printing
  • There is no LCD screen

Who can benefit from it?

It can be ideal for a wide spectrum of users, from home-based individuals to small business owners. The Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3770 meets the demands of those seeking reliable and cost-efficient printing solutions. Its color printing capabilities make it a valuable asset for users desiring vibrant and high-quality color outputs. So if you are printing photos, this can be great.

10. Epson EcoTank M200 Multifunction B&W Printer

Epson EcoTank M200

To close the list, we present you with a reliable and efficient multifunction printer: the Epson EcoTank M200 Multifunction B&W Printer. It is specifically designed for monochrome printing needs. Noteworthy for its innovative EcoTank system, this printer eliminates the need for traditional ink cartridges, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.

The printer seamlessly combines printing, scanning, and copying functions, providing users with versatile capabilities. With its emphasis on black and white printing, the EcoTank M200 caters to users prioritize sharp and clear monochrome documents.


  • It offers cost-efficient printing
  • It offers print, copy, and scan features
  • Emphasis on monochrome printing for sharp and clear documents


  • The build quality isn’t that great
  • The partner app is buggy

Who can benefit from it?

If you are a small business or a student with extensive printing needs(just black and white). Its multi-functionality suits those seeking a comprehensive yet streamlined printing device for everyday use.


With that, we conclude the list of India’s best printers under 15000. You might already know about some of these printers. However, this list provides all the details you need about these printers.

Make sure you spend a good amount of time understanding your printing needs and then selecting a good printer that fits your needs. Ultimately, choosing the best printer depends on individual preferences, workflow demands, and the desired balance between features and costs.

With this array of options, users can find a printer that seamlessly integrates into their daily printing requirements, enhancing productivity and convenience in their unique work environments.

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