Apple Upgrades Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad and Mac

Apple Logic Pro for Mac and iPad

One of the reasons why people love Apple is because of the ecosystem that it offers. From hardware to software, Apple provides everything. Two of the most popular proprietary software from Apple are Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. While Final Cut deals with video editing, Logic Pro is for people working with digital audio. … Read more

XP-Pen Unleashes Artist 22 Plus Pen Display

XP-Pen Unveils Artist 22 Plus

For all the people in the creative space who use digital canvas for drawing, we have some exciting news coming from XP-Pen. Many of the artists might already know about XP-Pen, but for those who don’t know, XP-Pen is a big name in the world of creative tech. The brand has unveiled a new digital … Read more

New Apple Pencil (USB-C) vs Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

apple pencil usb-c vs 2nd gen

Apple is a little late with its USB-C transition. Just recently, we have seen Apple adding the USB Type-C port to their iPhones. Now, they want to move to USB-C altogether, even with their accessories. Just recently, Apple has unveiled a new Apple Pencil (USB-C) for iPads. While it should be a good thing, the … Read more

Sony Unveils a New XAV-AX8500 Car AV Receiver

Sony Unveils XAV-AX8500 Digital Multimedia Receiver

Sony is a top tech brand in many categories, and when it comes to sound, it is definitely a top 10 on everyone’s list. Well, we have some exciting news for people who love Sony for their sound. The brand has recently unveiled a new AV receiver for cars: the new Sony XAV-AX8500 car AV … Read more

Apple Unveils All-New MacBook Pro Featuring M3 Chip Family

Apple Launches MacBook Pro M3

Apple has recently unveiled the new M3 chip series, and they haven’t really announced new Macs for these chips. Instead, they have upgraded the existing Macs with M3 chips. As a result, we now have a new MacBook Pro lineup with the M3 chip series. Let’s take a look at the new MacBook Pro lineup … Read more

Apple Unveils 24-inch iMac with M3 Chip

Apple Launches iMac M3

In popular news, Apple has unveiled the new M3 series of chips. Following the same pattern, they are now adding new chips to some of their existing devices without any significant design change. The good news is for people looking to get the new 24-inch iMac as it is now getting the new M3 chip. … Read more

Apple’s New M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max Chips are here

Apple M3 chip series

After some anticipation and wait, we finally have the new M series chips from Apple. The Cupertino tech giant has unveiled the latest M series cips: the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max. These groundbreaking chips are the first to utilize the cutting-edge 3-nanometer process technology, packing more transistors into a smaller space to enhance … Read more