Audio-Technica Unveils ES964 Boundary Array Mic for Small Conference Calls

Audio-Technica introduces ES964 boundary array microphone

If you are working from a small office, you do not need a big mic and speaker setup for a group conference. Even when we talk about big corporations, sometimes there are small meetings that require smaller setups. Well, Audio-Technica has jumped on the opportunity and unveiled their latest product: the new Audio-Technica ES964. It is a boundary array microphone for small group conferences. It has a compact design and many cool features for conferencing in smaller spaces.

Let’s take a look at this new mic from Audio-Technica.

Design and Form Factor

Designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, the ES964 is a tabletop marvel that caters to the evolving needs of modern conferencing. It looks like a puck, and if you do not look closely, you might think of it as one of those magnetic wireless chargers.

Audio-Technica ES964 boundary array microphone

So, this low-profile but cool design makes it easy to blend in any of the conference tables. That is not all; Audio-Technica says that despite its minimal design, it can seamlessly capture audio. For users who prefer good-quality audio, this one is going to be a great option.

Superior Technology

What sets the ES964 apart is its strategic configuration, featuring one omnidirectional capsule and two bidirectional capsules. This setup, in combination with the Audio-Technica digital SmartMixer, enables directional sound capture through virtual hypercardioid and cardioid pickups. This translates to a 360-degree radius of speaker-focused sound capture. The reason why it is good is because this is something you do not get with standard omnidirectional microphones.

Versatility Redefined

Adding to its adaptability, the ES964 seamlessly integrates with a range of open architecture DSPs, making it a versatile choice for diverse audio setups. Then, Audio-Technica has also integrated user interaction and control into the ES964’s design.

User-Centric Control

Well, it is not just about the fancy features. Audio-Technica has focused on enhancing the compatibility of the ES964. The new ES964 supports 20 to 52 V DC phantom power supplies. So users can use this mic in a wide variety of setups. Then, there is the UniGuard proprietary shielding technology, which adds a layer of protection against radio frequency interference (RFI). This makes sure that the users get the best audio experience from their mic.

Compact Powerhouse

Expanding on its compact design again, let’s take a look at its dimensions. The ES964 maintains a compact design, measuring 88 mm (3.5 inches) in diameter and 22 mm (0.87 inches) in height.

The brand has also made it easy to install this mic. Users have multiple options for securing it to a table using a dedicated jig or general-purpose screws. The microphone comes standard with two dedicated RJ45 breakout cables essential for connecting to a mixer.

Final Thoughts

For those seeking a transformative conference audio experience, the ES964 promises to be is going to be great. It combines advanced technology with user-centric design. If we talk about the design of the mic, it is minimal and can go seamlessly with pretty much any office or conference room setup.

Then there are some great features in the new ES964, which makes it ideal for people who want mics for small conference meetings and rooms. If we talk about sound quality, Audio-Technica has made sure that the users get the best in class. So, it is kind of a perfect package for users who are looking for new mics for their offices. Now, we do not have the exact pricing information for the mic, but Audio-Technica keeps the prices quite good.

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