Apple Unveils 24-inch iMac with M3 Chip

Apple Launches iMac M3

In popular news, Apple has unveiled the new M3 series of chips. Following the same pattern, they are now adding new chips to some of their existing devices without any significant design change. The good news is for people looking to get the new 24-inch iMac as it is now getting the new M3 chip.

Let’s take a look at what the M3 chip brings to the new 24-inch iMac.

The Remarkable M3 Chip: Unleashing Performance

This is just more of a chip upgrade by Apple, and now the 24-inch iMac has the new M3 chip. The new M3 chip has an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU. Users will be able to get up to 24GB of Unified Memory.

Apple likes to throw numbers, and for this chip, Apple is saying that it will be twice as fast as the M1 model. So whether you are using productivity apps or video editing, this chip can handle it.

With the M3 GPU, users will also get hardware-accelerated mesh shading and ray tracing for the first time on a Mac which can be vital for the gaming experience.

A Perfect Fit for All Users

Apple iMac M3 24-inch

Apple has designed this iMac to cater to a broad audience, from families and students to small businesses, aspiring creatives, and gamers. The performance enhancements are evident across various applications:

  • Web Browsing: Safari, renowned as the fastest browser, now offers speeds up to 30 percent faster.
  • Productivity Apps: Applications like Microsoft Excel perform up to 30 percent faster.
  • Gaming: Enjoy faster loading times and up to 50 percent faster frame rates for a more immersive gaming experience.

Creatives will appreciate the iMac’s capabilities, which allow them to edit and playback up to 12 streams of 4K video (three times more than before), work up to 2 times faster in software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop, and process photos in record time.

A Significant Upgrade for Intel Users

If you are someone upgrading from an Intel PC, the new iMac with M3 will be a significant upgrade for you. This is a superior computer both in terms of user experience and power compared to the old Intel models.

A Stunning All-in-One Package

The new iMac is about more than just performance; it delivers an exceptional overall experience:

  • Expansive Retina Display: This is one of the most beautiful displays that you can get on a computer. The 24-inch 4.5K Retina display with 11.3 million pixels is perfect for any task. Then users also get a wide color gamut, over a billion colors, and 500 nits of brightness.
  • Advanced Connectivity: With the new iMac, users now get support for Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3.
  • Camera, Mics, and Speakers: There is a 1080p FaceTime camera and studio-quality microphones for superior video conferencing. Its six-speaker sound system supports Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos and sounds incredible.

macOS Sonoma: Enhancing the Experience

The new iMac comes with macOS Sonoma. So users also get some cool UI features like desktop widgets, Presenter Overlay for engaging video conferences, and updates to Safari. Then there is the Game Mode which prioritizes graphics tasks to deliver high frame rates and reduce latency.

Pricing and Availability

Users can order the new 24-inch iMac with the M3 right away. However, it will start shipping starting November 7. The pricing for these models is as follows:

  • iMac with an 8-core GPU will be available for USD 1,299. It will be available in green, pink, blue, and silver.
  • iMac with a 10-core GPU will start at USD 1,499. It will come in green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver.

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